Document management System trends to Watch For in 2018

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The field of digital office is advancing every year. Corporations all over the world are abandoning paper altogether in favor of cloud-based solutions. Document management system (DMS) helps businesses to speed up both internal and external processes and save a ridiculous amount of money in time, human and financial resources.
However, there is still a lot to be accomplished in terms of bringing functionality and cost-efficiency to the optimal level. With increasing demands and expectations for DMS platforms companies require software to be more agile, scalable, easy to use and more secure.
2018 is promised to further advance the field of digital documentation and collaboration, with prime focus on some key aspects.
Today we’ll discuss, what those are.

Security & Compliance

With more businesses from both private and public sectors rapidly adopting DMS solutions, the security requirements are increasing exponentially. And no wonder, companies from the law, healthcare and financial industries have incredibly strict regulations on a government level.
These companies value security and compliance with state regulations more than overall functionality. So naturally, they would happily pay for software that fully complies with their business model. And the software that can provide both security and advanced features will be in a position where “winner takes it all”.

Mobile First

We live in the mobile era, and it directly affects the world of DMS. Although traditionally mobile devices were used mainly for business communications, today there is an increasing demand for mobile-friendly document apps.


The fact is that SMB companies have entered the DMS market and require affordable solutions. There are more sophisticated solutions available and prices are reduced drastically. And the process of making DMS more affordable is a continuous trend. So naturally, finding an affordable solution in 2018 will be much easier as there will be more options for small companies and startups.

Scalability for Easy Growth

Going back to SMB-type companies, the next trend is also highly driven by them. There is a necessity to expand fast, like never before. Whether it is a geographic, vertical or another form of expansion, the IT environment needs to be able to grow alongside your business.
That is why scalability is so important for DMS platforms in a constantly changing environment. Cloud-based digital solutions are easy to scale, making them ideal for any size or type of business. That is why DMS solutions will continue to benefit from advancements in cloud computing and will continuously improve the scalability capabilities in order to stay relevant and competitive.

Custom DMS Solution by Intechcore

The fact that businesses now need more reliable and unique solutions, capable of growing, while facilitating existing corporate workflows, makes it so that the field of custom DMS solutions will be on the uprise. The tailored solutions that boast off existing IT environment are in great need, while out of box DMS will not always be a great fit, or may not remain efficient after some time.
We at Intechcore specialize in the development and implementation of fully custom digital office solutions. With our expertise, you’ll have a perfectly crafted software that answers your core business needs.